Emerging Trends in Global Human Resource Management

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Human resources management has evolved considerably and experienced a major transformation in form and function. Driven by a number of significant internal and external forces, human resources management has progressed from a maintenance function to what may now be regarded as the source of sustained competitive advantage for organizations operating in the global economy. In order to successfully steer any organization towards profitability, it is necessary for the management to recognize the role of the human resources department. The management also needs to invest a considerable amount of time to learn the changing scenario in the HR department, in order to survive the competition.

Some of the recent emerging trends in global human resource management are as follows:

  • Organizations need to prepare themselves to address people-centered issues regarding commitment right from the top management. As the recent quality management standards ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 focus more on people-centric organizations, there is a renewed thrust on HR issues, particularly on training.
  • Organizational models like Shamrock, Federal and Triple I need to refocus on people-centric issues and call for redefining the future role of HR professionals.
  • Organizations have introduced six-sigma practices to leapfrog ahead of competition in this world of uncertainty. Six-sigma develops a method for sustainable improvement by using precise analytical tools with leadership from the top. These practices improve organizational values and help in creating a defect-free product or services at minimum cost.
  • In most organizations a traditional HR department has almost become redundant as human resource outsourcing is the new accession.
  • Recruiting competent people is becoming increasingly difficult as there is an increase in global job mobility. Organizations are required to work out a retention strategy for the existing skilled manpower by creating an enabling culture and adequate employee benefit services.

A company’s HR activities play a vital role in combating the crisis of high attrition rates, shortage of skilled employees and poaching strategies. The role of the HR manager is changing from that of protector to that of planner and change agent. As ‘personnel’ is the name of the game today, personnel directors are the new corporate heroes. Highly skilled and knowledge based jobs are increasing, thereby calling for future skill mapping through the right HRM initiatives. As most organizations want to be globally aligned, we are witnessing a change in systems, global payroll solutions, management cultures and philosophy. Companies are employing people from across the globe. This situation has given rise to a global HRM keeping in mind the need for multi-skill development across a motivated workforce.

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Emerging Trends in Global Human Resource Management

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This article was published on 2011/03/30