Ex-employee application sprawl: problems and solutions

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Some of your former staff may be off your payroll, but do they still cling onto your network?

When a worker moves on, your Human Resources department takes them off of payroll and IT revokes their credentials? Nevertheless traces of them still linger on your network which can be an expensive oversight. Software package license, applications, information access... they all contribute to growing resource consumption and potential security and compliance risks.

It is only if HR and IT work closely enough that the ex-employee exit can be handled effectively, reducing security risks and prices for applications.

Problems with ex-employee presence

Let's investigate the issues caused by the lingering presence of ex-employees on your network in additional detail.

Paying for unused licenses

A massive forty first of companies assume that they're over licensing, resulting in wasted budget and resources. it's terribly simple to assume that a similar range of licenses are going to be required after you return to renew, however that will not invariably be the case.

In fact, it's not uncommon for application audits to reveal licenses can still attributed to former workers, and organisations will be paying for software packages that are no longer needed or used.

Or in some cases, if the appliance was put in on the employee's own device, you will still be paying for them to use the same software package even in their new workplace!

Over-licensing is another example of wherever Human Resources and the IT department have to be integrated much more closely, particularly involving worker exits, to maintain the business application portfolio to be lean and economical.

Data access through BYOD

With AN increasing range of workers exploiting their personal devices on company networks, it's vital that their devices aren't still able to access company information even once they've left. Applications like Dropbox prove helpful for storing information within the Cloud for anyplace access, however this information must be released once the worker leaves and folder permissions revoked.

Without these steps the worker will still be able to access all the recent information added to their shared folders later. Leaving you only to be able to trust the worker to not use the knowledge or pass it on, they will equally forget that their phone has automatic logins and unknowingly leave this information accessible to anybody else added uses the device.

Software Asset Management (SAM) compliance

Managing your software package assets becomes much more easier once workers are totally wised up on what they'll use, how and when.

The goal of SAM isn't solely to cut back IT expenditures - it includes resource overheads and also the risks inherent in owning and managing software package assets.

An worker exiting your company still may have a business commissioned application on their table, phone or laptop computer. Whereas it's vital to cancel their license as quickly you can to cut back charges, if the worker continues to use the appliance it's going to land you in a risky regulatory position.

By operating as a closer unit together, IT and HR can make sure to educate new and existing employees to the correct processes to use and acquire applications, minimising cost and negate regulatory risk.

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Ex-employee application sprawl: problems and solutions

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Ex-employee application sprawl: problems and solutions

This article was published on 2013/10/29