Fleet Management: Uses and advantages

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Fleet management is the facility where by a company or a corporate house ensures the management of its fleet of vehicles including the ships at sea. Usually the commercial such as truck, truck containers, matadors, van and non-private cars come under the purview of fleet management. Fleet management is usually delivered by a department meant for the purpose, at times it is also outsourced to an external company. Outsourcing is done in cases of the management pertaining to the ships at sea.

Fleet management entails a wide range of functions which include financing, proper funding and maintenance of vehicles and ensuring its safety and driver management. Tracking of vehicles also come under its scope. Fleet management is ensured through certain software and hardware devices; making use of computers and satellite via which the users can locate the vehicle in question on a digital map. Through the use of software any of the issues related to fleet management can be catered to. Thus any function right from the maintenance of the profile of the driver and that of the vehicle, performance and mileage of the same, economy of the fuel used may be indicated by the software depending on its potentiality. One can link up with the vehicle’s computer in order to tab the use of fuel and efficiency in mileage

GPS tracking system is a part of the fleet management device. Cab and bus operators had also those dealing with cargo and haulage operation use this system to monitor movements of big commercial vehicle and thereby serving more customers at a reduced rate.

Fleet management also includes ensuring and maintenance of the security of vehicles this again is enabled by the tracking of vehicles with the help of a digital map or by the use of wireless software. Any disability or malfunctioning of a vehicle at a remote location caused by a breakdown or an accident can be properly notified by the use of wireless software.

Fleet management which also includes policy and proper compensation to the driver in case of a possible mishap plays an important role in reducing the cost and improving the overall efficiency of the business. It makes way for optimizing the risks related to vehicle investment.


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Fleet Management: Uses and advantages

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Fleet Management: Uses and advantages

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This article was published on 2011/03/25