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The word advantage sounds goods when it comes to businesses. It is good when it is you who get the benefits. Just like investing on a franking machine, it gives you benefits that you may take advantage of from postage crediting to bill paying.

  • Royal Mail postal discounts

Franked mail has drastically increased in the in the last two years. This is the reason why Royal Mail increased the discounts for franked mail. That made it a lot cheaper that stamped mail processing.

  • Touch of professionalism

As a part of the franking machine’s features, you may advertise your company brand. It can be printed directly to the envelope as a part of the franking. You can also add customized promotional texts or other personalized messages. Franking provides an easy, convenient and low-cost advertising for your company. Get your brand known without having a problem on petty-cash. This feature is found on franking machines with designed with advanced technology.

  • No over stamping

Franking machines with integral scale is the solution of over stamping. This is very possible if you don’t know the weight and the right number of stamps to put on. Weight your mail, get the right number of postages needed, dial and then frank it.


  • No under stamping charges

Do you thing under stamping could save you money? No! Uh-uh! Naddah! As in, no way! Under stamping may cause over-dropping of your petty-cash. Not only that, it may put you in to shame. Though it is under stamped, Royal Mail will still deliver it to the receiving office, informs the addressee and them to pick it up and pay the difference on top of the handling fee. It is very inconvenient for your client’s end. Such a shame, isn’t it? Royal Mail issues a charge on ever under stamped mail you are sending.

  • Time saving and convenient

According to Murphy’s Law - Stamps will run out at the most inconvenient time, this is just the way it is.
It is very inconvenient to mess up that one thing you need to accomplish something. With franking machines, you don’t need to go out and buy a bulk or stamp reams just to continue with what you should have accomplished already. It only takes a minute to re-credit your account by calling your postage provider or visit the main website. Re-crediting is available the whole year round.

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Franking Benefits

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This article was published on 2011/08/16