How Mobile Device Management Works?

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Are you still wondering what mobile device management is all about? Don’t worry, we are here to explain it all in clear terms.

The rapid evolution of mobile devices is changing the dynamics of telecom industry. With proliferation of number of handsets as well as the complexity of their applications is a major challenge for the end users. Mobile device management is one of the best solutions that can help the end users achieve faster activation of mobile data services of their choice. Mobile device management is a set of software products developed to help the network operators to remotely manage smartphones and tablets. Mobile device management provides greater control over the system and even it requires additional resources in order to implement  and manage.

It provides detailed view of phone usage, cost drivers and service quality. This technology helps to manage the devices remotely. It also helps in configuration of Over the Air subscribers’ services like Internet, email, applications, software updates and others. MDM tools, are used by enterprises in diverse industries to manage mobile data services. While implementing the mobile device management technology, the organization should take into consideration that it should be able to archive all mobile content types, address current major mobile platforms and operating systems, enforce corporate mobile policies, simple for IT staff etc. Mobile device management optimizes mobile device services functionality which in turns increases the customer satisfaction.

This mobile device management requires a client and a server component. The server component which is the mastermind sends a command to the mobile devices. Inturn the client component present on the handsets implements the management command that they receive from the server component.  The server is deployed and maintained by the networking operators who use it for updates and configurations.

A server in the network is installed by mobile network operators and is ensured the mobile phones are deployed with client component. Mobile network operator staff programs the updates and configuration changes. This can also be optionally made available to end-users through a web-based interface.  There are innumerable benefits available of mobile device management for both company & end users.


  • Increases ROI
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Meet market timing requirements without compromising functionality and testing
  • Increases productivity of the organization
  • Enforce security and compliance policies
  • Improves functionality
  • Reduces the support cost
  • Secures information
  • Manages assets
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How Mobile Device Management Works?

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How Mobile Device Management Works?

This article was published on 2011/11/30