Knowledge Management in Medium Sized Software Developing Companies

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With increased effects of globalization and shifting demographics which reshape competitive ground rules, companies have realized the need for knowledge management and the problems that may be faced if knowledge is ineffectively managed. Knowledge management is treated as an imperative initiative as its lack may results in companies suffering from employees’ turnover, operating at security threats, and loses intellectual assets. Software manufacturing companies are pressurized by their customers to produce or deliver better solutions faster and cheaper. This project is mainly about how internet based knowledge management tool can be used in supporting ‘Learning Software Organization’. There are a number of tools but this project will concentrate on Knowledge Respository and Library, and Knowledge Cartography Tools. Internet based tool is a program that is very useful to software developers. In the process of developing software, a team is required to share ideas and thoughts in order to ensure that the end product provided to customers is very satisfying (Dingsoyr & Ingenior, 2002). It is here that knowledge management is very critical.

This project addresses the importance of knowledge management in software development companies. In these companies there is a great need of developing technical tools which companies may have spent a lot of resources on (Garvin, 1993). However, these tools are not used by developers or operators and hence it may be hard to determine how they help in knowledge management. This project shows how knowledge can be brought about in sharing ideas in easing the process of software development through use or development oriented teams in a dynamic organization (Greenwood & Levin, 1998). The main focus of this project will not be human behavior in a software development organization but mostly on implementation of a framework for knowledge sharing that can be divided in various parts in order to give the best results.

In this case, the effectiveness of the software that will be developed by software developing companies will be determined by the rate of knowledge management and sharing in teams. This shows that the main focus will be on the problems of knowledge sharing (Hansen et al., 1999). Knowledge sharing in organizations has been of great importance and in two ways; when people leave and when they join. In this case, a medium sized software development company will be dealing with how new employees are enabled to joining into teams and how knowledge management systems can be used in collecting information or rather knowledge from the people leaving the organization (Hussock, 2009).

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Knowledge Management in Medium Sized Software Developing Companies

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Knowledge Management in Medium Sized Software Developing Companies

This article was published on 2012/03/30