Steps to Control the Reputation Management

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Reputation management is the directory management, which traces the action of the bodies, and by reporting on those action and opinions, it creates a feedback by reacting to the reports. All the report and tracking come from the reliable resource that further makes an impact in the statistic analytic data. There are two sides of management of reputation, first one is concerned with the monitoring of what people say, and second one deals with the controlling what people see.

We can judge from the internet about the product and services, when it comes to monitoring what people have to say. People tend to be more honest in expressing their views. The only thing is that they react when they come across the bad services and put their opinions in terms of negative feedback, so the world knows about it; however it rarely happens in the case of good services. Moreover, if one can control what people will see and read then it will actually help in managing the reputation online and helps in damaging the limitation. It deals with negative response on internet and reducing the damage to the individual or to the company. Few steps that need to considered in Reputation Management, first is to check is the negative content whether its based on truth or just a libelous. If it is, then the website should be use to put down the negativity quickly. Second thing that need to follow is the strategy of positive content about the individual or its company. After that monitor the result and improve accordingly. Execute the measure in such a manner that negative content will not reach or stay long on the first page of the search engines. The determination of work and cost depend on the harshness of the negative content and the key phrases that need to be protect.

The responsibility of Public Affairs officer is to maintain and expand the working relationship with reporters and other media representatives, sustaining a robust community relation program, making contract with other government agencies and keep the internal and external public informed about the issues that may affect them. Before releasing, the information to the media that may give favorable or unfavorable public reaction that is why these officers are always expected to coordinate with the proper agencies so that any type of information whether it is public statement involving local, regional, national news are in control of the officers. For the successful Brand Experience one must have a clear and innovative goal from the outset and if the brand losses its direction then so will the consumer.

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Steps to Control the Reputation Management

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Steps to Control the Reputation Management

This article was published on 2011/08/22